How to Plan a Digital Media Strategy in 15 Minutes [Recording]

Run Better Digital Media Campaigns Using the Right Tools & Framework


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Webinar Summary:

Running one or several programmatic campaigns across multiple channels is very difficult. Most marketing teams find this too hard to even attempt and even agency media buyers get overwhelmed by the complexity. However, you can use tools and a structured campaign management process to simplify programmatic marketing while achieving results.

What You’ll Learn:

  • A proprietary framework for managing programmatic campaigns across multiple channels

  • How to eliminate bias from choosing advertising channels in order to boost the ROI on your total media investment

  • How using the right tool can put you in control of your media buying.

Who This Webinar Is For:

  • In-house marketers who run programmatic campaigns

  • Marketers who want to try programmatic but put it off because it’s too complicated

  • Marketers looking for strategies to improve their digital media performance

  • Agency media planners who run campaigns on behalf of clients.

Who’s Presenting:

Michael Troumbas
Strategic Partnerships Manager

  • Michael is an experienced programmatic specialist who helps large agency brands and advertisers run effective omni-channel campaigns.

Dennis Kibirev
Brand & Content Marketing Manager

  • Dennis is a marketer with over a decade’s worth of experience in digital. He’s worked with both startups and some of the world’s largest brands both as an employee and consultant.